Adidas Cat Tower

Los Angeles, California 2018


Program: Installation

Client: Adidas, Dezeen

Status: Completed

Design and modeling: Mark Kamish, Miaojie Zhang

Fabrication support: Kyoung Eun Park, Tanvi Rao, Sam Pladet, Veronica Smith, Maya Reyes, Jose Hernandez, Sharif Anous, Julio Rodas, Kirill Volchinskiy

Cat Tower

Los Angeles studio Bureau Spectacular's design for P.O.D.System Architecture – a collaboration between Dezeen and Adidas Originals – is a 1:100 scale model of a conceptual mixed-use development comprising a group of high-rise buildings.

As well as representing an architectural concept, the model is designed to be used as a toy for cats to climb on, and can also be taken apart to create five individual pieces of furniture.