Artist: Jimenez Lai
Project Lead & Photography: Jesse Hammer
Additional Support: Jacob Comerci, Brian DaughertyHillary Bretcko, Tessa Watson, Xavier Ramirez, Victoria McKenna, Erin Wright, Dami OlufowosheJamie Barron, Sasha TillmanAustin Anderson
Gallery: Jai & Jai Gallery, Los Angeles, California
Special Thanks: Sylvia Lavin, Michelle Chang, Jaitip Srisomburananont & Jomjai Srisomburananont

All surfaces of the gallery space is covered with white canvas. Like a cave painting, the entirety of the room is Jimenez Lai’s continuous canvas upon which his architectural notations are drawn on all interiors; walls, ceiling, and floor. Custom-stretched canvases are distributed in an informal manner, forming an archipelago of extruded shapes foregrounding a sea of hand drawings. The collection of stretched canvases are comprised of many shapes, including trapezoids, clouds, beach blankets, pillows, and so forth... Beachside Lonelyhearts is a story about an incorrectly remembered sunny afternoon, whose thought fragments are glitched together along a beach plan. Beachside Lonelyhearts is a story remembered incorrectly, with thought fragments scattered over the walls, floor and ceiling in a desperate attempt to piece back together the fondest and most idyllic sense of warmth. These incorrect memories are repeated, told, retold, corrected, and reconstructed, with degrees of familiarity and differences - but each time plausible and believable in their own right. Notes, sketches and thoughts are scribbled onto the wall. Images, snapshots and visuals are pasted as postcards. This fragmented memory is in a safe place -a treasure box - where no amount of reassembly and reconstruction could disturb the fact that this afternoon existed, and none of the choices in this reality would result in any lasting consequences. This sunny afternoon is a west coast joy ride, or a terrifically beautiful nightmare. But there’s no one, nothing, as a convertible roams along with a collection of scattered thoughts flapping in the wind.

Click below for the artist discussion, hosted by Jai&Jai gallery. Pillowtalk is a conversation between Sylvia Lavin and Jimenez Lai, moderated by Michelle Chang.

Archinect: Jimenez Lai's 'Beachside Lonelyhearts' at Jai & Jai Gallery