Year: 2018

Location: Los Angeles, CA

For: Dezeen, Adidas P.O.D. System Architecture

Team: Mark Kamish, Miaojie Zhang, Kyoung Eun Park, Tanvi Rao, Sam Pladet, Veronica Smith, Maya Reyes, Jose Hernandez, Sharif Anous, Julio Rodas, Kirill Volchinskiy

In collaboration with Dezeen and Adidas Originals, Archi-Voltron – a design for P.O.D.System Architecture – is a 1:100 scale model of a conceptual mixed-use development comprising a group of high-rise buildings.

As well as representing an architectural concept, the model is designed to be used as a toy for cats to climb on, and can also be taken apart to create five individual pieces of furniture.