We are excited to be included in Translating the Building, now showing at the McNichols Building in Denver, Colorado. Thank you to Aaron Mulligan of Juicebox Denver for showing our work!


Jimenez Lai’s essay “Between Irony and Sincerity” is published in Log 46. Special thanks to Cynthia Davidson and everyone else who was instrumental in the process of writing this text.


Jimenez Lai completes an intensive two day workshop with students at the University of Tokyo.


Bureau Spectacular is honored to be included in the Spring/Summer issue of Pin-Up Magazine.


Final reviews for the UCLA Suprastudio took place today at the IDEAS Campus. Tuvalu Studio was taught with David Jimenez Iniesta and Kevin Pazik.


Micro-Tools: The Invisible Synapse opening. Our project, Augustus Needs a Baby is a part of the 58th Salone del Mobile in Milan. Thank you to KooZA/rch and (ab)Normal for the invitation!


We are honored to be included in Architect’s Newspaper Interior’s first ever list of Top 50 Interior Architects and Designers. Many thanks to AN Interior! We are grateful to be among such good company.


Tomorrow Jimenez Lai will be lecturing at Tulane University along with Kutan Ayata. Special thanks to the students of Tulane University for the invitation.


Bureau Spectacular has been named the Emerging Architects of the Year!!! Thank you Dezeen!!!!


Meanwhile at Cooper Union: Jimenez Lai participates in a conversation about the status of thesis in the architectural education.



Joanna Grant presents Maison Bandes Dessinée at Princeton University. Our project was a part of an exhibition curated by Michael Meredith: 44 Low Resolution Houses.



Jimenez Lai lectures at Harvard GSD.


Thank you Architizer - for selecting Bureau Spectacular as a part of their list of the world’s best architects.


Joanna Grant presents a psychedelic short film at the Roundhouse Series at 2426 W Washington Gallery. Thank you, Brendan Shea and Noémie Despland-Lichtert!!!


An evening of people, flowers, animals, trash (in no particular order), brought to you by Aesop skin care with Joanna Grant & Laurel Broughton.


Many thanks to Carson Chan, we were able to participate in the Art Paper issue: Port of Calls. Our entry is a story about green screens - green is a portal into every reality.


UCLA Supra Studio: Tuvalu!!!!


GSAPP Fall semester Advanced V Studio: Super Manhattan!


Archi-Voltron: Cats & Socks. This season, we worked with Dezeen and Adidas to develop this project. This is at once a high rise (architecture 1:100), five pieces of furniture (furniture 1:1). For one more time, Helvetica re-entered Godzilla mode and transversed amongst the tiny scaled 1:100 plastic humans she towered over. Scaling between scales, this project questions the status of models today. This project is dedicated to Helvetica, who sadly passed away one week after the filming. Some of the footages are her official last day at the office.


Thank you Dezeen for including us on the shortlist for emerging architects of the year!


We’re proud to announce Hug zone, a warm cave. Cave of Hugs (2018) is a super-furniture we developed for a school for the blind and deaf. How can architecture assist humans who live without sound, without vision, or without sound and vision? A cave that dampens sound, warms the room, brightens environments with colors, and hugs back with soft textures. Because empathy is something architecture can give back. Humans living without sound and vision communicate by touch. We designed a cave of hugs, cladded in neoprene over a layer of sofa batting. This texture will be a welcoming source of warmth for people who can neither see or hear. In addition to the tactility of this project, we also worked to consider human’s relationship with the observable wavelengths of the universe. The colors on the spectrum are points along a wavelength, just the way that sound in itself is a collection of wavelengths. For the humans living with no sound, we introduced warm colors. For the humans living with no vision, we introduced closed environments that allows sound to be dampened.

20181011_Cave of Hugs 02.png


Rooftops & Backyards Exhibition closes at the Taiwan Academy.


Once again Bureau Spectacular absolutely dominates the annual Los Angeles Bowling showdown, nearly securing last place. Thank you to this year's team: Sharif Anous, Yushan Menn, Kyoung Eun Park, Sam Pladet, Veronica Smith, Tanvi Rao, Georgia Pogas, Ted Zhang, etc…


Beach Day for Bureau Spectacular!!!


Jimenez Lai sits down with Geoffrey von Oeyen, Hopson Rodstrom Design Workshop, and Dana Cuff to discuss the status of Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles. Thanks to LA Forum for organizing this event!




Meanwhile at the LA Design Festival: Chief Design Officer Christopher Hawthorne on Housing in LA with Barbara Bestor, Julie Eizenberg, and Jimenez Lai



What a great way to start the summer! 




Rooftops & Backyards: Expanding LA & Taipei opens May 10, 2018 at Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles. Organized by Taiwan Academy with Bureau Spectacular, this project examines the status of adding architecture to architecture vertically or horizontally. The opening reception on May 10 also feature a roundtable discussion with Hitoshi Abe, Elizabeth Timme and Professor Roan Ching-Yueh.  



Deep Vista is a symposium organized by Gabriel Esquivel at Texas A&M University. Invited guests include Michel Rojkind, Kivi Sotamaa, Dwayne Oyler, Tim Morton, Rob Stuart-Smith, Michael Young, Nate Hume, Jimenez Lai, Sean Anderson, Kristy Balliet, Ian Bogost, Levi Bryant, Courtney Coffman, Abigail Coover Hume, Sarah Deyoung, and Graham Harman. Thank you for this incredibly dynamic conversation!




Bureau Spectacular’s YES to ADU competition entry, “Backyard Urbanism”, received an honorable mention. Joanna Grant receives the prize at the award ceremony, presented to her by LA County. Happy birthday, Joanna Grant!  




Tempietto Exemplum exhibitions opens at Yale University. Our entry was titled “An Ideal Universe(s)”: Atop the site where St. Peter supposedly died, a marker was plotted to identify the place of martyrdom for him. St. Peter opted to be crucified upside-down, so he may avoid the same image as the Christ. The circle, as a two-dimensional geometry, was repeated over and over upon the place where he rests. In three-dimensions, Bramante transformed circles into cylinders, truncated cones and semi-spheres as a series of mathematically perfect objects to celebrate the idealisms of a Catholic value. Such idealisms, however, are also filled with other contradictions and scales of relativisms. Even when a geometry wishes to be perfect or absolute, the zones of overlaps will always create that shadow of doubt – a stinging sense of subjective debts that reframes what is absolutely right, or wrong. Truly a Catholic project. These overlaps, a series of Venn Diagrams, is a theory about sets – it is also a story about the slivers of relativisms in an absolute geometry. . . This drawing is accompanied by an introspective opera of internal dialogues. . . Thank you for the invite, Amanda Iglesias and Spencer Fried!



Meanwhile back at Columbia University - “Between Irony and Sincerity” took place. Organized by Jimenez Lai, we sat down with Sarah Dunn to chat with Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin Van Den Akker about Metamodernism. Architecture has undergone waves of rhetorical phases, and what appears to resemble another “postmodern” period may not be the case. It has been my hunch that something else might be happening - and hopefully with some luck, we might make some progress in our conversations today. Vermeulen and Van Den Akker are cultural philosophers from the Netherlands. It has been our dream to be able to engage contemporary philosophers living and working today. Thank you for this opportunity, Amale Androas!!



UCLA core studio (structures and organization) final reviews that Jimenez Lai taught with Katy Barkan, Julia Koerner, and Andrew Kovacs – what a wonderful group of students: Kristiana Burgi, Zihao Ding, Sarah Grieve, Daravuth Hav, Sunghoon Lee, Zhiyin Lin, Yushan Men, Noam Taylor, Teodora Velkova, Wandi Wang, Deyang Yu…  




Many thanks to Architets Newspaper, Bureau Spectacular was named one of the AN 50 Award recipients – what a great honor, and a fantastic event!   



Welcome back, Jake Parkin!!  



Accidental good time spent in CDMX Mexico is accidental – congratulations on the marriage, Lena Kohl – we will see you later! (and, accidentally had a great time with Tatiana Bilbao and Nile Greenberg, along with the GSAPP crew)



Jimenez Lai delivers a lecture in Porto, PT.



At the Facaldade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto, Jimenez Lai runs a workshop “Tower of Rooms” from the invitation by Carlos Machado e Moura, and the organization of Rui Neto and Noemi Alay. Finally a slab, a stained glass window, an exquisite corpse and a live theatre with no audiences. Thank you to all the participants: José Amado, Teresa Ribeiro Lopes, Maria d'Orey, Miguel Royo, Rita Sampaio de Sá, Diogo Faria, António Pacheco, Nuno Sarmento, João Manarte, Ana Luís Castro, Mafalda Marques, Francisco Pina Cabral, Chiara Iaia, Joana Tomaz, Inês Beleza de Azevedo, Francisco Pereira, Paulo Ávila, João Oliveira, Francisco Craveiro, Nuno Neves, Joana Cantante, Fernando Pimenta, Ana Rita Vale, André Calvete - And, the guests who came for the review / great conversations with fala (Filipe Magalhães & Ana Luisa Soares), Paolo Moreira, Francisco Ferreira, and Joachim Moreno.




Meanwhile at USC – Joanna Grant and Jimenez Lai NPR’d the lecture titled “Is it a Conversation?” at the USC Lecture Series 2018. Thank you for the introduction, Hadrian Predock!




Baumeister Magazine put us on the cover of their January 2018 Issue!!!!




Scribble (2016) has been collected by LACMA!!! Thanks to This X That for helping this arrangement. Thank you, Bobbye Tigerman!  



Ghosted Drawings (2015), Lost and Found Studies (2015) are now on view at the Druker Design Gallery in Gund Hall at Harvard GSD, in the exhibition “Inscriptions: Architecture Before Speech” (January 22 – March 11, 2018) curated by professors K. Michael Hayes and Andrew Holder. We are deeply thankful for this inclusion, and excited about playing a role in this project.



Jimenez Lai visits Harvard GSD to sit on the thesis reviews with many great friends and heroes – including Barbara Bestor, Enrique Ramirez, Victor Jones, Samia Henni, Sharon Johnston, Mark Lee, Mark Linder, Dwyane Oyler, Jenny Wu, Catherine Ingraham, Lucia Allais, Michelle Chang, Jaffer Kolb, John McMorrough, Ed Eigen, and more… Great to see you, Jennifer Bonner.. and thanks for the invite, Andrew Holder! Congratulations to Mark Lee, Sharon Johnston and Jeanne Gang for becoming professors of practice at the GSD!




Snuggle (Joanna Grant, 2017) and Scribble (Jimenez Lai, 2016) hang out at the MOCA store with Besler and Sons, Architecture Office, Welcome Projects, New Affiliates thanks to This X That!



Annual Xmas Party at Bureau Spectacular! Tacos!



AMID Cero9 (Cristina Diaz Moreno y Efren Grinda) has a final review at Princeton University, and Jimenez Lai participated as jury. Great to see you again, Jacob Comerci!       



Simon Kim teaches an amazing studio with Brett Lee at University of Pennsylvania! Great times with         



Arctic Studio of Jimenez Lai at UCLA with another world-class jury event – Brett Steele, Neil Denari, Dana Cuff, Anna Neimark, Michael Osman, Wonne Ickx, Jeffrey Inaba, and Heather Roberge – thank you for this chance to experiment with a wonderful group of students (Tania Agacanian, Gayle Schumacher, Kyle Wulf, Mickey Yin, Kristen Young, Ted Zhang…) We found a way to talk about politics, pedagogy, ideologies, and techniques of collaboration through a platform that is architecture. More specifically, a meta-fiction that is the school of architecture, Perloff Hall. This 1:1 Puppet Theatre consider anarchy, autocracy, democracy, communism, pragmatism…



Back in NYC – Final review of Jimenez Lai (with Nile Greenberg) at Columbia University GSAPP. We were graced by a world class jury: Anna Puigjaner, Michael Szivos, Michael Young, Dominic Leong, Andres Jaque, Amale Androas, Jesse LeCavelier, Charlotte Algie, Kevin Pazik… Thank you to an amazing group of students (Zibo Zhou, Jie Huang, Tong Zhou, Jipeng Jing, Siman Huang, April Xu, Vivian Dong, Ruiqi Shang, Anushka Shevade, Mouna Lawrence, Eric Giragosian, Tien Chen….)       



Meanwhile in Phoenix, AZ – Jimenez Lai joins the final review of Bryan Maddock (Fantastic Offence). A real pleasure to witness the very first of hopefully very many studios in Maddock’s promising career.



Back in the T.O – on reviews for an amazing Adrian Phiffer studio alongside so many old and new faces. Monica Adair, Stephen Kopp, Aziza Chaouni, Vivian Lee, Brian Boigon, John Shnier, Mason White, Andrew Sinclair, Omar Gandhi, An Te Liu, Nima Javidi, Behnaz Assadi, Nasim Adab, Kristina Ljubanovic, Mason White, Shane Williamson. On this review, George Baird said to Jimenez Lai: “You’ve become a very good critic.” Nothing has meant more to Lai than this remark by Baird.          



Michael Meredith and Ellie Abrons teaches a first year M.Arch I studio, and Jimenez Lai joins Rosalyne Shieh for the midterm review on this day. Great to see you again, Steve Martinez!       



Jimenez Lai lectures at Texas Tech University. Thank you, Jim Williamson and Mari Michael Glassell! What a wonderful time driving up to Cadillac Ranch with Charles Sharpless and Jessica Colangelo.       



At the 43rd Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition, Jimenez Lai joins a jury alongside Moh’d Bilbeisi, Petra Kempf, and Steve Quevedo. This event was moderated by Josh Nason, and organized by Kaitlyn Howell, Igor Draskovic, and many others… Thank you for the invite, Ricardo Leon!!



Jimenez Lai’s studio midterm at GSAPP features a world-class jury: Michael Young, Dom Leong, Jesse LaCavelier, Tei Carpenter, Jaffer Kolb, Jonah Rowen, Erik Carver, Adam Frampton, Carrie Norman, Melissa J Frost, and Trudy Watt. Thank you, everyone!!!         



Jimenez Lai joins a discussion with Sharon Johnston, Mark Lee, Sylvia Lavin, Erin Besler and Andrew Kovacs regarding the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial. Thank you for setting up this conversation, Heather Roberge!      



Jimenez Lai and Joanna Grant delivers a presentation at the Monterey Design Conference, alongside Shohei Shigematsu, Junya Ishigami, Heather Roberge…. Thank you for the invite, Hraztan Zeitlian and Michael Porter!!      


AUD season begins at UCLA. Congratulations, Heather Roberge, on the first first day of school!!! Amazing studios and seminars from all of my incredible colleagues!     



Thanks to the invite, Espen Vatn! Jimenez Lai delivered a lecture alongside Adam Frampton – happy times spent together with David Turnbull, Gro Bonesmo, Lea-Cathrine Szakas, Andrea Pinochet, Charlotte Hansson, Luis Callejas,….  



The workshop, “Architecture with Characters / Architecture Builds Characters” reaches its finale. Jimenez Lai worked alongside Anna Puigjaner as a part of an intensive 20-hour endurance workshop with the amazing students at Syracuse Florence Campus. Many thanks to Luca Ponsi, Daniel Norell and Romina G for being a part of a fantastic conversation!!! Most of all, thank you, Kyle Miller!!!




Jimenez Lai delivers a lecture in Florence at the Syracuse Florence campus, hosted by Kyle Miller.     



The Living Room Series opens at Cornell AAP inside the amazing Milstein Hall – with amazing conversations with Leslie Lok, Caroline O’Donnell, Martin Miller, Athanasiou Geolas, and more.. Thank you to the invitation of Ainsley Cullen and Eleanor Krause, and the warm welcome by Ana Ozaki! Special thanks to Sergio Preston for noticing how we thank people…




Harvard Design Magazine (Seventeen), edited by Jennifer Sigler, is launched at the Chicago Architecture Biennial. Super honored that the drawing “Field Work” by Jimenez Lai is featured in this issue.    



Congratulations, Sharon Johnston and Marklee on what an amazing job for the second rendition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial! Special shoutout to Sarah Hearn and Letizia Garzoli!!!! Extra special shoutout to Sarah Herda!!!!



Jimenez Lai spends an entire afternoon with Stanley Tigerman at his Lakeshore Drive residence, thanks to Lea-Catherin Szakas. We discussed afterlife, death, Mies, mortagage, investments, materiality, and every other ephemeral quality to both life and architecture.    



Thanks to Edward Cella, several drawings by Jimenez Lai was showcased during the 2017 Expo Chicago!!!




Another Raumplan joins the Horizontal Room at the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial, alongside our beloved friends including Andrew Kovacs, Thomas Kelley, Carrie Norman, Erin and Ian Besler, Anna Puigjaner, Andre Herrero, Sarah Dunn, Martin Felsen, Andrew Atwood, Anna Neimark, Andrew Holder, Benjamin Freyinger, and so many more….




SCI-Arc Thesis is a very important annual occasion that we always look forward to every year, like Thanksgiving or Christmas – and this year, we witnessed life. Sometimes, actual chicken life lives on as architecture.   



GSAPP begins again – thank you for this opportunity, Amale Andraos!!! (What’s up Nile Greenberg – time to go to town!)  



Dreams do come true – thanks to the amazing work of Katya Tylevich, a super thoughtful piece about the status of our practice was published in MARK Magazine. MARK Magazine has always been one of our favorite magazines of all magazines out there, if not the very favorite. To be featured in this incredible publication is truly nothing short of dream come true.  




Working with Rives Rash, we installed project Open Market (Kevin Chen, Justin Kerzner) – another superfurniture project where a flexible interior houses a flexible pop-up shop!  



This season, Joanna Grant unleashes her superpower of Snuggle, with Dee V.




Our SFMOMA project, insideoutsidebetweenbeyond, finally closes after an incredible six months run. Thank you, once again, Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher, for your generosity and patience with us. More importantly, thank you – Eric, Sohun, Manyan, and the entire team of the CalPoly assassin squad – we are truly blessed to have this opportunity.


We are also happy to report that three of the models have been collected by SFMOMA.



Helvetica (cat) has been in the office for the past 9 years – as the ultimate studio cat, she effectively assumed the role of the director of HR (Human Relations, the softening of). This day was the official retirement party of Helvetica – thank you for your service, the H one! For she is a jolly good fellow!!!



What an amazing summer team: Thinh Ngyuen, Sarah Wagner, Clara Pugsley, Dee V, Jeffrey Liu, Jake Parkin,


Special thanks to: Alicia Jones, Maya Reyes, Collette Aro, Sam Rubio, Erin Day, Sophie Pawlak, and more…



Bureau Spectacular relocated to 3326 S. Main St. Los Angeles, CA. 90007   



Joanna Grant begins teaching at the University of Southern California.   



The Gentrification final review at Syracuse University (NYC) with ZUS was a great success! Congratulations everyone!  




Prototype of our project, Another Liberty, was exhibited at Volume Gallery in Chicago. Thank you, Sam Vinz! 



Jimenez Lai joins ZUS (Rotterdam) for a workshop at the Fisher Center in New York City, as a part of the Syracuse University summer program. Thanks to the amazing organization skills of Shell Li. What a wonderful treat, Kristian Koreman and Elma van Boxel! Special shoutout to Tim Peeters!!   



We had the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful mid-summer dinner with Hem, together with amazing friends and colleagues – including Jonathan Oliveras, Han Lo, This X That, Andre Herrero, and so many more…   



We had a chance to showcase fragments of Beachside Lonelyhearts at Bulthuab (Los Angeles). Thank you, Tibbie Dunbar, and thank you This X That!!!  



Pool Party joins a group exhibition at the MoMA PS1 – too many people to thank… thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone!!!!




Field House, a project in collaboration with Archinect, opens at the inaugural Arroyo Seco Music Festival. Many thanks to Paul Petrunia and Nicholas Korody for hosting an entire day’s worth of interviews. More importantly, thank you to Raffi Lehrer for making this all possible.



Terrazzo Palazzo opens at Art Basel / Design Miami in Basel, Switzerland. This was a result of the Designer of the Future Award supported by Swarovski, alongside TAKT Projects and Marjan van Aubel.



Congratulations to the graduating class of the Vernon Studio (UCLA ARCH123)!!! It was a pleasure and an honor working with you all!!!  



Our MOCA pop-up, featuring Scribble, comes to an end. Thank you to the fine work of Danielle Rago and Honora Shea from This X That! 



We were visited by Iker Gil as a part of the Character issue of MAS Context. Thank you, Iker!



Congratulations to Stephen Phillips on his publication! Super honored to be a part of the discussion panel at MAK, hosted by Priscilla Fraser. Jimenez Lai spoke alongside Tom Gunning, Julia Koerner, Annie Chu, and Joe Day!!! Special shoutout to Fredrick Kiesler!   



Joanna Grant completes her first year of teaching, as the students present their work at CalPoly Pomona.





Continuous Landscape opens at Santa Barbara Museum of Contemporary Art. Thanks to This X That, and especially thank you to the amazing curatorial work of Alexandra Cunningham, we felt grateful to be a part of this amazing event. We were supported by the Taiwanese consulate - thank you, Ashley Sun! 


Thanks to Emily White, Jimenez Lai takes a coastal train ride to San Luis Obispo to deliver a lecture at CalPoly. 


2017.05.11 - 2017.05.12


Andrew Kovacs, Jimenez Lai and Joanna Grant deliver two lectures in Osaka and Tokyo for the occasion of the May A+U Issue (2017), organized by Kazuko Sakamoto and Toshiki Hirano. Special thanks to Tohru Horiguchi!!




World premiere of Superbenches created by 10 international designers to challenge the idea of a park bench. Together they tell the story of a diverse society adjusting to our future city life. ArkDes superintendent Keiran Long moderates a renowned panel with Felix Burritchter, Max Lamb, Eva Franch and many more.

Design a Story Competition – announcement of winners. Paneltalk with the jury: Nick Axel, Eva Franch & Jimenez Lai. Moderated by Keiran Long. We focus on Design a Story, a competition of image and storytelling in and around the site of Kvarnbacken in Järfälla. In the call for submissions the participants have been encouraged to re-imagine the future, the past and even the present in Järfälla and Kvarnbacken.



The Ziggurat Apartment (2017) is the Taiwan Pavilion at the Bombay Beach Biennial. Thank you to Mark Mack for the invitation!!!





Swarovski and Design Miami/ announced the three winners of the 2017 Swarovski Designers of the Future Award. These promising young designers and studios were selected from around the globe for their innovative creative approach and pioneering use of new technologies, exemplifying new directions for design. The winners will present their work, which will include innovative surfaces, 3D crystal printing and solar cell technology at Design Miami/ Basel from 13-18 June 2017.





With the support of Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher and Nicholas DeMonchaux, Jimenez Lai ran a workshop with students from UC Berkeley and CCA. In the spirit of Exquisite Corpse, or Renga, we produced a collaborative tower. 


Today the Chicago Architecture Biennial announced its participants for the 2017 rendition. Bureau Spectacular will humbly join an amazing line-up of thoughtful architects, artists, theorists, and thinkers. Thank you a million times to Mark Lee and Sharon Johnston!!!


We can’t be happier to have designed the environment for the 2017 REDCAT Gala. John Baldessari liked our dichroic Still Life (2017) so much he decided to keep a set. Ed Ruscha claimed that Ed Ruscha left the room when Ed Ruscha didn’t want to sit next to Ed Ruscha anymore.


Janelle Zara wrote an incredibly insightful piece about the path we took on for the current issue of Cultured Magazine. Thank you, Janelle!!


We didn’t win - but our MoMA PS1 project was a story we wanted to share - because summertime is a time of leisure. It is a time when we remember to forget, at least for one or two weekends. Welcome to Pool Party.


Insideoutsidebetweenbeyond (2017) opens at SFMOMA. We have so many people to thank - and we will be rolling out more web-content over the next six months. Thank you, most of all, to the kind support of Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher - and to our extended team from Bureau Spectacular, UCLA AUD, CalPoly Pomona, and more… look out for a Captain’s Log ahead, a comprehensive thank-you note that credits everyone involved in this very elaborate project.


With a kind invitation by Jonathan Massey, Jimenez Lai delivers a lecture at California College of Arts


Jimenez Lai and Joanna Grant present the Pool Party project at the MoMA PS1 review session. Thank you for being there with us, Emily Mohr!


DRAWING CODES: Experimental Protocols of Architectural Representation opens at CCA. Thanks to the invitation by Andrew Kudless - we are happy to take part in this wonderful exhibition, featuring many of our friends. The roster: Viola Ago, Kelly Bair, Kristy Balliet, Curime Batliner, Erin Besler, Neeraj Bhatia, Amy Campos, Thom Faulders, Nataly Gattegno & Jason Kelly Johnson, David Gissen, Andrew Heumann, Janette Kim, Joris Komen, Andrew Kovacs, Andrew Kudless, Jimenez Lai, Elena Manferdini, Adam Marcus, Dwayne Oyler & Jenny Wu, Ron Rael & Virginia San Fratello, Clark Thenhaus, Michael Young & Kutan Ayata


In a panel organized by Vera Camden and Jon Yoder at The Modern Language Association, we discussed the relationship between comics and architecture with Jimenez Lai, Nick Sousanis, and Frederik Byrn Køhlert. Special thanks to Valentino Zullo!


Happy New Years from the pool party at the current HQ of thisXthat!


A Very Bureau Xmas: Helvetica’s Little Helpers Party!! On this year’s menu:

Carnitas Tacos

Chicken Karaage

Mushroom Fritters

Whiskey Spiked Apple Cider


Bernard Tschumi’s final review jury at Columbia Univers included Jimenez Lai this year. It was an incredible honor to be on this review!


Hiroshi Hara sensei retires from teaching at the tender age of 80. Jimenez Lai was fortunate to witness his amazing teaching during his final final review. Congratulations, Hara san! You graduated.

December 6, 2016

Bureau Spectacular unveils Another Primitive Hut in Santa Monica. It is a project that asks us to consider what it means to be a human at this stage in history, and how we imagine the next chapters ahead. The project was supported by Visit Seattle and documented as part of a series by Vox Creative entitled Been There, Made That.


November 22, 2016

Jimenez Lai shares thoughts at Storefront for Art and Architecture during the Manifesto Series: The Sharing Movement with Emily Abruzzo, Adam Frampton, Elvira Barriga, Laura Yiu, Soik Jung, Hyungmin Pai and Alejandro Zaera-Polo. Thank you, Eva Franch, Carlos Minguez Carrasco and Max Lauter! 


November 17, 2016

Bureau Spectacular has been named one of five finalists for the 2017 Young Architects Program at MoMA PS1. 













October 31, 2016

Urban Clippings (Mirror in the Sky) opens in Taipei. 


October 13, 2016

Bureau Spectacular's first retail design project, Frankie, has been featured in a variety of architecture and design publications over the past month including, The Architect's Newspaper, Archinect, Architect Magazine, Azure Magazine, Dezeen, and WIRED. Many thanks to all for the kind words!


October 10, 2016

Jimenez Lai will deliver a lecture to the students of the School of Architecture at the University of Florida in Gainesville.


September 19-24, 2016

Jimenez Lai will be participating in the New Museum's IdeasCity -- an intensive five-day residency program in Athens, Greece in which he will live and work among a group of emerging practitioners working at the intersection of community activism, art, design, architecture and technology in the Athens Conservatory, transforming the space into a multi-functional hub of cultural activity. 


September 12-16, 2016

Bureau Spectacular heads Down Under! Jimenez Lai travels to Australia to headline a series of lectures as a part of Bond University's Abedian School of Architecture lecture series that expands and explores the definition and edge condition of architectural practice.


September 10, 2016

Bureau Spectacular Founder Jimenez Lai and Partner Joanna Grant participate in a symposium at UCLA that explores the art in performance-related architecture and its inspiration for temporary urban space-making and public spectacle.


September 9, 2016

Bureau Spectacular unveils their design for the flagship store for high-end denim and ready-to-wear line, Frankie, in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District.  The 2,000 square foot retail space has been outfitted with one of Bureau Spectacular's iconic Super-Furnitures, a nine piece 28-foot-long modular staircase.  Bureau Spectacular also designed the exterior graphic on the building’s historic facade.


September 6, 2016

School is back in session! Jimenez Lai begins his bicoastal season teaching in the UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design, as well as joining Trudy Anne Watt in teaching a studio course at Columbia University this Fall. Many thanks to Dean Andraos for the invitation! Bureau Spectacular Partner Joanna Grant is teaching in the Department of Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona, and Project Designer Man-Yan Lam is teaching at the University of Southern California School of Architecture.


June 23, 2016

Jimenez Lai flies into Taichung City to deliver his thoughts on the topic of social housing. This event took place at the Taichung Cultural Center, and was hosted by the Government of Taichung City. Mayor Lin Chia-Lung arrived at this event and remarked his intent to assist the under-privileged citizens of Taichung over the next eight years. Thank you for the invite, Chen Ching-Yi!


June 21, 2016

Big City Forum conversation series, hosted by Leonardo Bravo, took place at The Reef LA. This conversation included Elizabeth Timme, Jimenez Lai, Noe Montes, and Maura Lucking. It was moderated by the wonderful and ever dashing Jonathan Crisman.


June 14, 2016

A new season begins with Bureau Spectacular, feeling stronger, happier and more hopeful. We are now located at 533 S. Los Angeles St. Unit 702, Los Angeles, CA 90014.


June 8, 2016

Calpoly Pomona thesis season opens downtown LA. Thank you for the invitation, Sarah Lorenzen!! 


June 6, 2016

RUMBLE at UCLA. This season, supergroups like Joyride ( and JAM ( were founded in the Jimenez Lai seminar. Thank you for the amazing ten years of hard work, Hitoshi Abe!!



May 19, 2016

Joanna Grant delivers a knockout punch for her final thesis review at Princeton University. World class jurors with the highest esteem laughed and cried as no one on the panel could fathom why or how this person’s weirdness level reached over 9000. “How could you call a building cute?” accused Preston Scott Cohen. “You call buildings sexy all the time!” remarked Michael Meredith.


May 12-13, 2016

Harvard University invites Jimenez Lai as a part of the 2016 thesis review jury at the Graduate School of Design. This wonderful event was the platform for many outstanding students, and probably many names who will becoming meaningful in the years to come. Thank you for the invite, Ed Eigen!!   


May 1, 2016

The thesis review of California College of the Arts took place over a weekend. Wonderful thesis coordination by Bryan Price and Nataly Gattegno. The school is looking great, Jonathan Massey!!    


April 30, 2016

The thesis review of Alastair Stokes’ group of students took place at Woodbury University. It included projects about Mars, and beyond. 


April 15, 2016                    

Tower of Twelve Stories opens at the Coachella Valley Music & Art Festival. Thank you to everyone who helped make this project a reality! Tom Rice, Whites Steel, Felix Lighting, Nous Engineering, Raffi Lehrer, Paul Clemente... 


April 15, 2016

Aboveground Pool, a workshop hosted by the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at UCLA, opens its exhibition. This workshop was run by Michael Meredith, with assistance by Jimenez Lai. Thank you for coming, Michael!!  






March 29, 2016                    

Bureau Spectacular designs a light fixture. 

April 1, 2016

Jimenez Lai will participate in Graphic Novels/Novel Architecture. A symposium organized by Kent University College of Architectural and Environmental Design exploring the constructive and projective relationahip(s) between architecture and comic. Be sure to check it out!

White Elephant, Privately Soft , Louisville Kentucky, MOMA.

White Elephant, Privately Soft, Louisville Kentucky, MOMA.


February 6, 2016

Furniture Urbanism Opens in Mexico City         

January 28, 2016

Thomas Kelley and Florian Idenburg (with Ana Prvacki) came to UCLA to operate on our students in a two-part workshop. This event was organized by Erin Besler and Jimenez Lai at the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at UCLA. 

December 12, 2015

Liu Wei-Gong and David Tseng organized a conference, Target Forum. This event takes place in a former train depot in Taipei. Participants include Michael Speaks (Syracuse), Stan Shih (Acer), Aaron Lee (JUT), Jimenez Lai, Hitoshi Abe (UCLA), Yoshihisa Nakano (Terrada), and Martha Thorne (Pritzker).

December 3, 2015

Postmodern Procedures, a conference organized by Sylvia Lavin, takes place at Princeton University. This amazing event included an incredibly strong group: Denise Scott Brown, Andrew Atwood, James Wines, Amale Andraos, Lucien Kroll, Diana Agrest, Erin Besler, Andrew Holmes, Jimenez Lai, Chad Floyd, Andrew Kovacs, and Michael Meredith. The poster was designed by Kevin Pazik. 

Lost and Found: Shenzhen Biennial

Lost and Found: Shenzhen Biennial

December 2, 2015

Lost and Found opens at the 2015 UABB Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale. Jimenez Lai delivers keynote lecture about the topic of collage. Steve Martinez was airdropped onto the ground like a superhero. Thank you for the invitation, Aaron Betsky!


November 30, 2015         Jimenez Lai Lecture                   @ UCLA AUD


November 20, 2015

University of Nebraska-Lincoln hosts Jimenez Lai as a part of the Hyde Lecture Series. This event took place inside the Sheldon Museum of Art. Thank you for the invitation, Jeff Day!!

October 11, 2015

Interiors and Fictions, a conference in Stockholm, was organized at Konsfack. The participants include Jimenez Lai, Hélène Frichot, Norell/Rodhe, Katja Pettersson, and Ulrika Karlsson. Thank you for hosting and the organization, Ulrika Karlsson!


November 3, 2015

Woodbury San Diego invites Jimenez Lai to lecture. What a wonderful place!


October 21, 2015

Rice University hosts Jimenez Lai as he delivers a presentation as a part of the Seriously Cute lecture series. This event took place inside the Brown Auditorium at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. It was quite the experience giving a lecture inside this amazing space. Thank you for the invite, Andrew Colopy and Sarah Whiting!  


 October 6, 2015

Jimenez Lai delivers keynote presentation at the 2015 Association of Licensed Architects Midwest Conference.


October 1, 2015

Chicago Architecture Biennial: State of the Art of Architecture opens at the Chicago Cultural Center. We are extremely thrilled to be a part of this historic event. This is the first major architecture festival on United States soil, and it features over 100 esteemed international architects. Congratulations, Sarah Herda and Joseph Grima!!!



September 25-26, 2015

RIGHT NOW speakers include Benjamin Bratton, Thomas Daniell, Neil Denari, Mark Foster Gage, Eva Franch i Gilabert, Lydia Kallipoliti, Ferda Kolatan, Jimenez Lai, Jennifer Leung, Lucy McRae, Jason Payne, Rhett Russo, Theo Spyropoulos, Liam Young and Michael Young.


September 19, 2015

Archinect and Jai & Jai presents NEXT UP, podcasting the future of architecture. Participants include Andrew Kovacs, Claus Benjamin Freyinger, Charles Anderson, Anna Neimark, Andrew Atwood, Jimenez Lai, John Southern, Marcelo Spina & Peter Zellner.


September 17, 2015

Campfire chats between Jimenez Lai and Aurel von Richthofen in Singapore at KILO Lounge. Organized by Ludovica Tomarchio.



August 20, 2015

A+D Museum opens its new downtown location. We are super proud to be a part of the inaugural exhibition: Shelter. Featuring LA Mas, O'Herlihy Architects, MAD Architects, PAR, and wHY. We are excited about our entry, Five Normal Houses.

The Pool House , Five Normal Houses, "Shelter" @A+D Museum, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

The Pool House, Five Normal Houses, "Shelter" @A+D Museum, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

August 29, 2015

BUST, an exhibition curated by Liam O'Brien Jr at Jai & Jai Gallery, features a fine group of offices: Andrew Kovacs, Bureau Spectacular, CODA, First Office, MILLIØNS, MOS, Norman Kelley, Pita + Bloom, PARA Project, SO-IL, & WOJR



August 19, 2015

Jimenez Lai tapes live with DJ Orange (a.k.a. Mark Mack), with video performances by Andrew Kovacs and Gabriel Fries-Briggs


August 13, 2015

Meanwhile at KCHUNG Radio: a fun conversation with Jai & Jai Gallery, featuring Jomjai Srisomburananont and Jaitip Srisomburananont, with Mike Nesbit and Claus Benjamin Freyinger. Hosted by Son Vo and Christine Wang!


July 31, 2015

We wave tearful farewells to Jacob Comerci and Jesse Hammer.


July 29, 2015

Bureau Spectacular website updated!!!


July 17, 2015

Beachside Pillowtalk closes at Jai & Jai. Thank you, everyone!


June 28, 2015

Materials & Applications catalogue release party - with Benjamin Ball, Anthony Carfello, Jimenez Lai, Ingallil Wahlroos-Ritter and moderated by Mimi Zeiger.


June 20, 2015 - Beachside Pillow Talk w/ Sylvia Lavin, Moderated by Michelle Change @ Jai & Jai Gallery

Beachside Lonelyhearts.  Jai & Jai Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Beachside Lonelyhearts. Jai & Jai Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.


June 19, 2015

Jimenez Lai speaks at The Frog with Tim Durfee, Casey Anderson and Patrick Shiroishi. Amazing night with a radio-opera with beat-poetry sensibilities, a saxophone performance that resembled a electronic rock concert - I think I made good decisions in life. Thanks for the invite, Jasmin Blasco!


June 15, 2015

LA Forum allows Jimenez Lai to publicly embarrass himself again.


June 15, 2015

The summer begins at Bureau Spectacular again.


June 9, 2015

Architecture Record showcases Bureau Spectacular as Firm to Watch in June 2015.


June 8, 2015

UCLA Rumble!!!

Influences / References Symposium - Jimenez Lai roundtables with Rebeca Mendez, Wonne Ickx, Tom Wiscombe, and hosted by Neil Denari. Thanks Neil!!


May 30, 2015

125th Anniversary for the School of Architecture at University of Toronto. Super proud of the school, and happy to have been on a roundtable discussion with Denjamin Dillenburger and Claude Cormier. Thank you for the invitation, Richard Sommers!


May 18, 2015

Bureau Spectacular moves into 533 S. Los Angeles St.


Cave Painting VIII: White Noise From Another Past .  The Art Institute of Chicago : Chatter exhibit, Chicago, IL.

Cave Painting VIII: White Noise From Another Past. The Art Institute of Chicago: Chatter exhibit, Chicago, IL.


April 11, 2015

The exhibition Chatter opened at the Art Institute of Chicago, which includes Cave Painting VIII / White Noise of Another Past. Thank you, Karen Kice!


March 28, 2015

Treatise Book Launch at the Graham Foundation - Summit of all 14 authors. Come As You Are...


March 23, 2015

David Agnew of Azure writes about Sprezzatura, Caricature, Superfurniture, Pareidolia, Contrapposto...


March 17, 2015

Storefront TV Season 2: Candystripe Variety Hour


March 13, 2015

Matt Shaw says Treatise is Architecture with Bad Attitude on Architectural Review.


March 10, 2015

Jimenez Lai returns to Toronto to lecture at Daniels School of Architecture.


March 1, 2015

Township of Domestic Parts was featured in the publication Liquid Spaces by Gestalten.


February 25, 2015 - Inside Outside Between Beyond Published in Log 33


February 15, 2015 Bureau Spectacular Moves to Los Angeles, CA



December 31, 2014

Meanwhile in Nashville, TN: Jimenez Lai is the King of Kids Tables, delivering a keynote at the AIAS NYE event. Thanks for the invite, Jason Young!


December 12, 2014

Final review of the FAT reunion tour at Yale. Thanks for the invite, Jennifer Leung and Sam Jacob!


December 9, 2014

Thesis review at Cornell with Caroline O'Donnell.


November 23, 2014

Goodbye, Township of Domestic Parts.


November 15, 2014

F̶i̶r̶m̶n̶e̶s̶s̶,̶ ̶C̶o̶m̶m̶o̶d̶i̶t̶y̶ & Delight - a symposium featuring Laurel Broughton, Jimenez Lai, Michael Loverich, Andrew Kovacs and Mark Foster Gage. Kudos to Kevin Pazik and Joanna Grant for the fine organization!!!


November 8, 2014

Possible Mediums continues its journey in New York City at Fisher Center - props to Kyle Miller, Kelly Bair, Kristy Bailliet and Adam Fure for organizing such a wonderful project.


October 31, 2014


October 31, 2014

Jimenez Lai lectures at CalPoly Pomona. Thanks for the invite, Robert Alexander!


October 21, 2014

Meanwhile at the Taipei Economic And Cultural Office In New York, the exhibition Transplant opens -- organized in part by former member Shun-Ping Lui. Jimenez Lai roundtables with Rosalyne Shieh and Michael Speaks. The event is highlighted by a wonderful lecture by Kris Yao.


October 1, 2014

Jimenez Lai joins UCLA faculty.


September 29, 2014

Kevin Erickson at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne hosts a symposium titled Self-Initiated - featuring Matt Cho, Jimenez Lai and Kyle May.




September 22, 2014

Lobby, a magazine started by wonderful people at Bartlett, is launched. Happy to be a part of this project.


August 15, 2014

Thank you, University of Illinois at Chicago for the wonderful six years - we will see you again soon.


August 4, 2014

Alright alright alright.... is finally updated. Thanks the fine work of Jacob Comerci and Kevin Pazik!


July 26, 2014

Meanwhile in Sydney - Urban Islands workshop concludes with the presentation of our book - Cockatoo Islands: A Graphic Cartography. In great company with Eduardo Cadaval, Clara Sola-Morales, and Erieta Attali. Many thanks to the organization of Mark Szczerbicki, Olivia Hyde and especially the invitation of Tom Rivard!




July 24, 2014

Jimenez Lai lectures at University of Sydney -- a shout out to Francois Blanciak.


July 11, 2014

Flipping Properties flips at Rear View Projects -- many thanks to Su-Ying Lee and Jen Davis -- to the fine work of Eliott Callahan, the wonderful folks at Barrymore Furniture and the Toronto Arts Council & The Ontario Arts Counci. A fun conversation with the talented Britt Wray!


July 2, 2014

White Elephant opens at MoMA / Conception of Space: Recent Acquisitions in Contemporary Architecture / 07.04 - 10.19 / Pedro Gadanho /


June 26, 2014

Congratulations to our friends Thomas Kelley, Carrie Norman, Michael Young, Adam Fure and Andy Holder for the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects! Best class ever.


June 25, 2014

Jimenez Lai speaks at event Global Inclusion Reception during the AIA National Convention.


June 24, 2014

Chicago Architectural Biennial: See you in October 2015, congratulations to Sarah Herda and Joseph Grima - Jimenez Lai stands along side Theaster Gates, Jeanne Gang, Zoe Ryan, Vedron Mimica, Bob Somol...


June 23, 2014

Cheers to a Spectacular Summer: Welcome Ann Lui, Ana Moriyon, Terrence Hector, Jeffrey Anderson.


June 19, 2014

Thursdays with Stanley: Jimenez Lai sits with Stanley Tigerman in a conversation hosted by Clayco/Forum.


June 10, 2014Jimenez Lai Rumbles at UCLA with Erin Besler, Gabriel Fries-Briggs, Michael Osman, and Sylvia Lavin! RESPECTZ Neil Denari, Greg Lynn, Jason Payne, Heather Roberge, Mohammed Sharif, Katrin Olina, Andrew Atwood, Andrew Kovacs... Great time riding the limo with Hitoshi Abe, Tom Wiscombe and Kivi Sotamaa!


June 8, 2014

Goodbye Venice and our brains (and livers).


June 7, 2014

CONGRATULATIONS TO KOREA & MINSUK CHO!!! And huge compliments to Andres Jaque!!!

June 6, 2014

Marathon conversation at the Swiss Pavilion - Jimenez Lai speaks about rules, math, violations, Cedric Price..... thanks for the invite, Hans-Ulrich Obrist!

June 4, 2014

Roundtable discussion with Eva Franch, Lluis Ortega and Sam Jacob at the Township of Domestic Parts.


June 4, 2014

TOWNSHIP OF DOMESTIC PARTS motherfuckerz!!!!!!!!!


May 23, 2014

Short but sweet - reviews at NCKU in Tainan, thanks to the invite of Wu Kwang Tyng!


May 22, 2014

Press conference with government officials and our sponsor, Chairman Ho of SinoPac.


May 20, 2014

Venice Taiwan Pavilion rundown with Wei Tseng, Hao-Hsiu Chiu at Tunghai University in Taichung!!!


May 17, 2014

A lovely event, preview of the 2014 Taiwan Pavilion - hosted by URS127.


May 14, 2014

OFFICEUS ISSUES: Speechbuster at Casa Rafael Viñoly!!!


May 12-14, 2014

Final Reviews at Cooper Union, with James Lowder.


May 9, 2014

UIC Year End Show - congratulations to Ingui Ryu for an awesome prize! Good times with Dawn Finley and Fabrizio Gallanti!


May 8, 2014

Final reviews at Cornell University with studio run by David Moon and Nahyun Hwang. A pleasure to be on reviews with Rafi Segal, Yehre Suh, Susanna Drake, John McMorrough.... Congratulations to DMNH for their entry to the 6th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam!!!


May 5-7, 2014

 UIC Finals season - Paul Andersen, Andrew Zago, Stewart Hicks... and our studio co-taught with Alexander Eisenschmidt - congrats all students!


May 2, 2014

Exhibition at Fisher Center in New York.


April 29, 2014

Exhibition Between Two Boxes at Clayco/Forum Studio and an artist talk hosted by AIA. Thank you, Philip Barash and Bob Clark! Also, Mayor Rahm Emanuel graced us with his presence at the opening.


April 23, 2014

Goodbye Briefcase House.


April 22, 2014

Visiting Studio of Jimenez Lai at Syracuse University, Caricatures of Domesticity, enjoyed a successful final review - with an amazing jury - Jonathan Louie, Kyle Miller, Jonathan Solomon, Andrew Kovacs, Michael Loverich, Michael Szivos and Michael Young.


2014.04.19 / April 19, 2014

Beaux-Arts Ball in Lexington Kentucky - Wireframe houses at a party!!!


April 16, 2014

Jimenez Lai is on thesis reviews at University of Toronto - thank you for the invite, John May!


April 14, 2014

Jimenez Lai named a finalist for the Wheelwright Prize at Harvard University.


April 8, 2014

Platform for Architecture - a roundtable organized by Jonathan Louie, with Kyle Miller of Possible Mediums, Tate and Danielle Rago of On The Road Project, and Jimenez Lai of Treatise.


April 6, 2014

Talkin' Chess at Jai & Jai with Andrew Kovacs, Laurel Broughton, Jonah Rowen, Erin Besler, Maxi Spina, et al.


March 25, 2014

Architecture and Narrative conference at the Fisher Center for Syracuse University - a wonderful conversation between Matthew Stadler, Mattijs Bouw, and Jimenez Lai. Conversation moderated by Michael Speaks (Bjarke where you at?)


March 16, 2014

After all the hard work, conferences, interviews, meetings, blood and sweat - the Township of Domestic Parts is inside of crates and shipped towards Venice!!! Props to Johnson Liao, Nilton Huang, Wei Tseng, Liao's fabrication team and all of our support system in Taiwan!!!!


March 14, 2014

Syracuse University works with Hong Kong University and NCTU for a week-long workshop in Taiwan - with Jonathan Solomon, Angie Co, David Erdman, Jimenez Lai, and Michael Speaks. Many thanks to David Tseng!!! We even met the Mayor of Taipei.

March 14, 2014

Chicagoisms, an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, opens - a show curated by Alexander Eisenschmidt and Jonathan Mekinda, featuring Bureau Spectacular (Chicago), Dogma (Brussels, Belgium), MVRDV (Rotterdam, Netherlands), ORG Organization for Permanent Modernity (Boston and Brussels, Belgium), PORT A+U (Chicago), Sam Jacob Studio (London, England), Sean Lally / WEATHERS (Chicago), UrbanLab (Chicago), WW (Houston)

February 28, 2014

Jai&Jai assembles a fine list of individuals for the group exhibit Chess - starring Andrew Kovacs, Laurel Brighton, Andrew Holder, Erin Besler, Pieterjan Ginckels, Maxi Spina, Jonah Rowen..... Our entry, Skyline of Archetypes, didn't arrive in time. But look for it on March 12!!!


Harvard GSD Symposium: What Criticism - an event organized by Florencia Roderiguez, with Javier Rojas, Pablo Gerson, Matthew Teissmann, Irene Chin and Alexandra Lange. Panelists included Urtzi Grau, Michael Kubo, Uriel Fogué, Ciro Najle, Iker Gil, Meredith TenHoor, Inga Saffron, Andres Lepik, Camillo Restrepo, Michael Abrahamson.... Jimenez Lai presents the case Impossible Friendships.


February 7, 2014

A casual evening at the American Academy in Rome, hosted by Reynold Reynolds, reunion with Nicholas Demonchaux, a wonderful introduction by Catie Newell and Thomas Kelley. Thank you, TK!!!


January 31, 2014

Workshop, Exhibition and lecture at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Thanks, Kyle Reynolds!


January 31, 2014

Materials & Applications retrospective at University Art Museum at CalState Long Beach. Phalanstery Module is shown in this exhibit.


January 24, 2014

Princeton reviews with Michael Young: Rosalyne Shieh, David Ruy, Ferda Kolatan, Jimenez Lai, and Rhett Russo. Joanna Grant was there. So Yeah.


January 21, 2014

Lecture at Syracuse University. Thank you for the wonderful intro, Jonathan Solomon!


January 17, 2014

Possible Medium group exhibit opens in Ann Arbor. Lecture at University of Michigan. Workshop, too.... Great to see all y'all!!!


January 16, 2014

Lecture at Taliesin West, thank you Michael DesBarres, and Victor Sidy! Also, a belated thank you to Larry Wayne Richards and Thomas Howarth.


January 1, 2014

Klaus Toons edits a truly fine issue of MASCONTEXT - #20 Narrative. Super proud to be a part of this company.



December 30, 2013

Thank you METALOCUS for listing Citizens of No Place as the number 1 book of 2013!!!


December 21, 2013

In fine company with David Tseng, Wei Tseng and friends at NCTU in Hsinchu. #iwanttobeapartofit


December 17, 2013

Jimenez Lai gives a lecture at NCKU in Tainan. Thank you for the invite, Hsueh Cheng-Luen!


December 11, 2013

Jose Selgas invites Jimenez Lai, Michael SzivosMark Lee and company on his first final review at MIT.


December 7, 2013

Syracuse episode - Kyle Miller orchestrates an intervention-like final review, with Jonathan Louie, Courtney Coffman, Matt Shaw, Clark Thenhaus, Jonathan Solomon, and company.


December 6, 2013

Arqa Magazine interviews Jimenez Lai about being the inaugural winner of the Millenium BCP Lisbon Triennale Début Award.


December 2, 2013

Uncube Magazine features the drawing inside outside between beyond by Jimenez Lai. Thank you, Sophie Lovell!


November 26, 2013

Days of the Frankenstein Past: Final reviews at Jimenez Lai's Frankenstein Studio and Seminar. Andrew Atwood, Andrew Kovacs, Pieterjan Ginckels, Stewart Hicks, Kristy Balliet, Ellie Abrons, Grant Gibson and Andrew Moddrell.


November 22, 2013

Praxis 14: True Story hits the market. When I Grow Up: Kindergarten Stories is a part of this issue. Thank you, Ashley Schafer!


November 20, 2013

Once Upon a Place, edited by Pedro Gadanho and Susana Oliveira launches at TU Delft. Happy to be a part of this project!


November 15, 2013

 UIC Architecture faculty fall exhibit opens: Transforming... Jimenez Lai transforms Beach Services (1983) by Xavier Vandrell.


November 13, 2013

Jimenez Lai lectures in Miami at Florida International University. Thank you, Nick Gelpi!


November 12, 2013

 Icon Magazine Award 2013 nominates Jimenez Lai as one of the candidates for the Emerging Architecture Practice of the Year!


November 6, 2013

 Jimenez Lai lectures at Iowa State University. Thank you, James Spiller!


October 21, 2013

Hello darkness my old friend - Jimenez Lai travels to Sweden to give lectures at KTH and Umeå. Thank you, Daniel Norell, Frida Rosenberg and Roemer Van Toorn! (it was actually quite sunny in Stockholm)


October 12, 2013

 SINCE NOW FROM THEN -- an all-day conference spearheaded by Eva Franch, with Carlos Minguez Carrasco and the Storefront curatorial team. Jimenez Lai will be a part of this, in conversation with Claudia Gould. This event highlights the completed version of the 99 Chairsproject by Grayson Cox and Jimenez Lai, fabricated by Rives Rash

October 11, 2013

Dayum son Storefront goes bizzerks yo - BEING opens (what up Bittertang) followed by an all-day affair the next day. Tattoos, graffiti, orgy and notes drawn by Jimenez Lai is in this exhibition.


October 5, 2013

The exhibition San Rocco Book of Copies opens at Architecture Association, we are super thrilled to be a part of it!


September 25, 2013

Forgemind interviews Jimenez Lai in Taiwan.


September 25, 2013

The Frankestein Workshop competition was held at NCTU in Taiwan. Thank you for the invitation, Shuchang Kung!


September 17, 2013

Jimenez Lai gets interviewed by Monocle.


September 12, 2013

Jimenez Lai wins the Millenium BCP Debut Award at Lisbon Triennale!


September 9, 2013

Jimenez Lai has been selected to build the National Pavilion of Taiwan for the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale.


August 23, 2013

We wave tearful farewells to Felipe Oropeza and Joanna Grant.


July 16, 2013

In other news, a conversations between Jimenez Lai, Klaus Toons and Brendan Cormier can be found in Volume 36.



July 16, 2013

The new issue of CLOG (Sci-Fi) includes a small article by Jimenez Lai.

July 1, 2013

Icon Magazine named Jimenez Lai as a part their Future 50 feature.


June 25, 2013

refinery29 features an interview and photo album with Jimenez Lai!!


June 25, 2013

Jimenez Lai and Joanna Grant give lectures at NCTU in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Thanks to the invite of David Tseng.


June 1, 2013

Jimenez Lai is On the Road in Los Angeles - drawing in public under the sun for six hours - amazing times with Tate, Jonathan Louie, Danielle Rago, Courtney Coffman, Andrew Kovacs, Andrew Atwood, Curt Gambetta, Bryony Roberts, Laurel Broughton, Grey Crowell, Maxi Spina, Ana Neimark, ... and the universe warped itself with Peter Zellner.


May 29, 2013

Manifestoes, Summits and Gangs has been awarded a grant from the Graham Foundation.


May 22, 2013

We wave tearful farewell to Frank Gossage as he moves out east to NYC.


May 15, 2013

Final reviews at Cooper Union with Jimmy Lowder, Guido Zuliani, Katerina Kourkoula, Urtzi Grau, David Turnbull and Tony Vidler.


April 4, 2013

Speechbuster opens at Ideas City Festival in New York with Storefront for Art and Architecture with an invitation by Eva Franch and through a grant from the Rauschenberg Foundation. 

May 3, 2013

Jimenez Lai lectures at MIT: Story Hour with Uncle Jim.

April 26, 2013

Jimenez Lai to keynote at Portland State University.





April 20, 2013

Jimenez Lai participates in the symposium Interpretations: Discerning Fictions


April 5, 2013

In the group faculty show titled Figures at UIC SoA, BS exhibits Skyline of Misfits/Crown of Love/Sociopaths with NKSlowikFlohr, Capomaggi, and Palider.


March 28, 2013

Jimenez Lai gives a lecture at TU Delft as he takes students from UIC on tour around NL & BE: Wall House, Educatorium, La Defense, WoZoCo... Architekten Cie / UN Studio / NL Architects / Atelier Van Lieshout / West 8 / MVRDV / Office KGDVS / Speedism / JDS #tiredbutnotdead

March 18, 2013

Jimenez Lai speaks at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Fun times with Jason Kelly Johnson, Michelle Chang, Brian Price, Cathrine Veikos, Chip Minnick.... Thanks for the invite, Amy Campos.

February 27, 2013

Jimenez Lai speaks at University of Detroit Mercy. Fun times in Detroit with Tadd Heidgerken, Noah Resnick, Will Wittig, and Gilbert Sunghera


February 19, 2013

Crown of Love shortlisted in the Nicola's Belvedere international open competition in Russia #yipikayemotherrussia

February 10, 2013

Kristy Balliet: " it'd be great if you guys could start hashtagging possible mediums..." Kipnis leans over "what's a hashtag?"


February 10, 2013

Midwest Mafia goes live: Possible Mediums happened. Organized by Adam Fure, Kristy Balliet, Kyle Miller and Kelly Bair, this 2-day workshop featured Jimenez Lai, Thomas Kelley, Angie Co, Michael Young, David Freeland, Brennan Buck, Justin Diles, Ellie Abrons, Michael Loverich, Andrew Holder, Jason Kelly Johnson, IK Studio, and Andrew Atwood. Thanks to the support of Mike Cadwell, Michael Speaks, John McMorrough and Jeff Kipnis. #possiblemediums


February 01, 2013

Meejin Yoon, Mike Silver, Andrew Kudless, Dwayne Oyler... wait how does Jimenez Lai fit in? But super excited about being a part of this symposium Studio One at Berkeley. A beautiful response given by Irene Cheng. Thanks for the invite, Ronald Rael!!




January 29, 2013

Castle of Misfits receives honorable mention for the Revival of the Silo competition. Nice rendering @Joanna Grant.

January 24, 2013

Jimenez Lai on reviews at MIT with Brandon Clifford and Joel Lamere.


January 23, 2013

Thomas Kelley's symposium On Error was a success in Buffalo NY. Featuring Jimenez Lai, John McMorrough, Eva Franch, Sean Lally, Kelly Bair, Sarah Blankenbaker, Paul Preissner, Sergio Lopez-Piñero et. al.


January 18, 2013

Jimenez Lai becomes the face of millennials - cover of January issue on Architect Magazine. #covergirl



December 28, 2012

Thank you John Hill for listing Citizens of No Place as one of favourite books of 2012 on dailydose!


December 28, 2012

Citizens of No Place was ranked #5 in Best of 2012 by Brainpickings!!!!


December 21, 2012



December 12, 2012

Reptition Studio final review - a studio co-taught by Jimenez Lai and Sam Jacob. Thanks to the students for the wonderful work! Sample student work by Matthew Messner and Adrienne Jørgensen.


December 11, 2012

Jimenez Lai was on final reviews for Brave New Now at Princeton University with Eva Franch, Alejandro Zaera-Polo and company, a studio taught by Liam Young.


November 28, 2012

Final reviews at IIT for Terry Surjan studio, with Kyle Reynolds, Grant Gibson, Thomas Kelley and Sarah Dunn.


November 18, 2012

Umeå University features Jimenez Lai in the exhibition Communitas.


November 15, 2012

Save Prentice group exhibition, Reconsidering the Icon, opens at Chicago Architecture Foundation, featuring Grant Gibson, Sean Lally, Andrew Moddrell, Stewart Hicks & Allison Newmeyer and Jimenez Lai. #AllHailPrentice

November 14, 2012

Full Circle, a group exhibition at WORKshop, opens in Toronto. Organized and curated by Larry Richards, it features work byAn Te Liu, Lukasz Kos, Andrei Zerebecky, Christos Marcopoulos, Carol Moukheiber and Jimenez Lai. #LittleMonster



November 7, 2012

Athenaeum Library in La Jolla is a truly wonderful place. Speaking in a warm and intimate evening.


November 07, 2012

Lecture at SCI-Arc #BS


October 31, 2012

Wednesday Episode at UIC SoA with Paul Preissner, Book Club Series - talking about Citizens of No Place. Jimenez Lai digs into the archives and show some older stuff from the mid 2000s.


October 27, 2012

Jimenez Lai's entry Plynth Side Up in the exhibition Past Futures, Present, Futures opens at the Storefront for Art and Architecture.

 October 18, 2012

 "Building Super" -- a wonderful article by Diana Bitting about Jimenez Lai in CS Interior.




October 13, 2012

MAS CONTEXT: ANOLOG event was held at New Projects (Marshall Brown and Stephanie Smith), featuring works from Jimenez Lai and Klaus Toons. A long and interesting day of speakers, including Sean Lally and David Brown. The event was organized by Iker Gil.

October 5, 2012

Design Cloud hosts a group exhibition which includes three large prints from Jimenez Lai, as well as sculptures by Brian Sperry.


October 5, 2012

UIC SoA hosts book launches for Citizens of No Place, together with Alexander Eisenschmidt's AD.


April 10, 2012

PLOT magazine features a piece on "super-furniture" about the works of Bureau Spectacular!! Thanks, Javier Agustín Rojas and Florencia Rodríguez!


October 3, 2010

Article by Jimenez Lai titled Character Plasticity has been published in Volume Magazine.

October 1, 2012

 Architectural League interview with Gabriel Silberblatt and Saga Bl


September 28, 2012

Jimenez Lai makes a presentation in the University of Kentucky lecture series, and leads a workshop. Thank you Kyle Miller for organizing it all, and thanks to Michael Speaks for the invitation... We are deep in the trenches between lies and bullshit, friendo.


September 24, 2012

Pastaiga Magazine from Latvia published an interview about Jimenez Lai (Spelled as "Himenezs Laijs").


September 20, 2012

Illustrations by Jimenez Lai for Penelope Dean's essay No Strings Attached published in Harvard Design Magazine 35.


September 7, 2012

Thesis reviews at SCI-Arc.


August 31, 2012

Interview between Jonathan Louie and Jimenez Lai on Architects Newspaper


August 18, 2012

We wave tearful farewells to Andrew Akins and Katherine Ranieri as they both head west.


August 16, 2012

The Graham Foundation seminar Breaking Glass comes to an end, with a evening lecture by Jörg Becker, Jimenez Lai and Irena Knezev


August 16, 2012

Little Monster is now in the permanent collection of WORKshop, thanks to Larry Richards and Fred Urban.

August 15, 2012

White Elephant goes bye bye - Thanks to Pedro Gadanho, this project has been collected by the Museum of Modern Art.

 August 15, 2012

 Interview with Renyi Ng on Glass Magazine!


August 4, 2012

Little Monster deinstalled, with Frank Gossage and Jimenez Lai wrestling their lives with the piece into a storage space that does not fit it. Many thanks to Anne Reiselbach and her kids!!


July 24, 2012

A nonsensical quick video, at the Storefront.


July 24, 2012

Citizens of No Place launches at the Storefront for Art and Architecture. This is coupled with the event, Performing Representation. Jimenez Lai signs Steven Holl's copy of Lai's book inside a building that Holl designed.



July 20, 2012

Coverage by Metropolis Magazine!


July 17, 2012

Thanks to Matt Shaw and Jimmy Stamp for the triple Domus action on the super favorable reviews for Aesthetics/AnestheticsThree Little Worlds and Citizens of No Place.



July 15, 2012

London Architecture Festival closes - it was a super great honor to be a part of it.


July 12, 2012



July 3, 2012

First European book launch of Citizens of No Place! / lecture / discussion between Jimenez Lai and Sam Jacob / drinks over at the Architecture Foundation.


 June 28, 2012

 oh hey!


June 27, 2012

Aesthetics Anesthetics opens at the Storefront for Art and Architecture, Jimenez Lai's drawing Storefront Back-of-House is a part of this group exhibit.


June 23, 2012

Three Little Worlds opens at the Architecture Foundation in London.

June 21, 2012

Trucking on along the Little Monster from Chicago to New York with Andrew Akins, John Donoghue and Aaron Spiering - Jimenez Lai receives the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects and presents a lecture.


June 12, 2012

Jimenez Lai roundtables with Stewart Hicks, Allison Newmeyer, Thom Moran and Michael Graham at the School of Art Institute for the event Object Of, organized by Maura Lucking.


May 31, 2012

Melanie van der Hoorn's book Bricks and Balloons launched in Harlem, which exhibited some of the drawings by Jimenez Lai. Get this book!


May 14, 2012

With just 50 minutes to spare, we successfully funded our Kickstarter campaign by a hair - right down to the wire. Phew! Now to rinse off that unbareable stench of shamelessness. Thank you everyone for your support!!


May 11, 2012

Future Archaeologist was published by Australian magazine POST


 May 11, 2012

 Interview with Adele Chong in Surface Asia.


April 20, 2012

Jimenez Lai wins the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects.



April 20, 2012  

Sociopaths has been published in Thresholds 40, thanks to the patience, editorial work and invitation of Jonathan Crisman.



April 18, 2012

"Born Again Formalist"... Jimenez Lai is on thesis reviews at University of Toronto with Mason White, Rodolphe el-Khourey, Christos Marcopoulos, Brian Boigon, An Te Liu.


April 13, 2012

Jimenez Lai roundtables with Ika Knezevic, Jorg Becker, Patricia Olynyk and David Hartt at the Inland Symposium at Washington University.


March 29, 2012

Jimenez Lai opens the installation Citizens of No Place in the basement vault inside the Wolworth building in New York, entertaining players and guests from the RED/READ benefit event at the Storefront for Art and Architecture. This event honors Barbara Kreuger and Bernard Tschumi. Thank you to Evan Franch, Charles Renfro and the fine work of Gjorgi Shkurti, staff and intern of Storefront.


March 19, 2012

Jimenez Lai is on final reviews at UCLA with Jason Payne, Michael Osman, Georgina Huljich, Sharon Johnston, Mark Lee, Greg Lynn and Neil Denari.


February 29, 2012

The tour continues with a lecture at Columbia University, GSAPP . Thanks to the invitation of Cristina Goberna.


February 28, 2012

Jimenez Lai delivers a lecture at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Thanks to Matt Shaw.


February 15, 2012

White Elephant is published in the Korean magazine BOB.


February 6, 2012

Zeitgeist is Immortal is in CLOG issue 2. Thanks to Human Wu, Kyle May and Julia van den Hout.


January 28, 2012

 The Associates opens in Toronto, with our piece Cartoon Shelves in the group show. Thanks to the invitation of Joy Charbonneau.


January 20, 2012

Jimenez Lai participates in the Whither Installation symposium in the Practice Panel with Ben Ball, Elena Manfredini, Nick Gelpi and Monica Ponce de Leon. It was moderated by Ben Smith and organized by John McMorrough. Watch this lecture online.


January 15, 2012

Jimenez Lai is on the cover of Arqa Magazine from Portugal for an issue on the topic of fiction.


January 06, 2012

ArchDailyBLDGBLOGEvoloFrame Magazine... White Elephant is all over the interwebs.


December 30, 2011

Jimenez Lai gives a lecture entirely in Mandarin at Tamkang University. Thank you Jr Gang Chi for the invitation.


December 10, 2011

 Final reviews at UIUC with Grant Gibson, Gale Fulton, Stewart Hicks and Allison Newmeyer.


November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving - Istanbul style. Jimenez Lai makes a presentation and spends Thanksgiving in Turkey. Nights of debauchery with Aurel von Richthofen, Ishtiaq RaffiudinSpeedism and Francois Roche.


November 11, 2011

New project unvailed - Thick Frames opened in Primitive Delights, an all faculty show at UIC school of Architecture. Organized byGrant Gibson and moderated by Bob Somol.


 October 13, 2011

Jimenez Lai roundtables with Juan Rois for the Argentinian magazine Plot.


October 12, 2011

Jimenez Lai participates in Buenos Aires Biennial XIII


October 3, 2011

Jimenez Lai gives a lecture at Kent State University, thanks to the invite of Kathryn Strand.


September 30, 2011

Fiefdom of Podmajersky open-house. White Elephant is in the house.


August 17, 2011

Andrew Akins and Jimenez Lai in Kentucky, truck and trailer style on a rescue mission for the White Elephant (even running over a hipster bike)


August 7, 2011

 Bureau Spectacular waves tearful farewell to summer camp members Zack Morrison, Trudy Watt and Katherine Ranieri


August 7, 2011

 Jimenez Lai speaks at the TEDx event TEDx25thWard, with Andrew Kovacs, Ania Jaworska, Grant Gibson, Thomas Kelley and Thom Moran. Event was led and organized by Bryn Namavari.


2011.07.25 / Signed, sealed and sent.


2011.07.20 / The Bureau Spectacular website is rebooted, thanks to the fine works of Katherine Ranieri.


2011.07.19 / Jimenez Lai presented six short stories at RAW Humor, organized by Young Architects Forum of Chicago. Thank you for the invitation Ania Jaworska and Darya Minosyants.


July 7, 2011

Jimenez Lai presented a paper at the Joint International Conference of Graphic Novels, Bandes dessinees and Comics 2011 in Manchester, UK.

June 27, 2011

 Bureau Spectacular is now five with Katherine Ranieri and rejoined by Andrew Akins.

June 24, 2011

Phalanstery Module is all over the interwebs because of architizer.


June 13, 2011

Jimenez Lai was on final reviews with Kyle Reynolds at the School of Art Institute Chicago, thanks to the invitation of Ben Nicholson.


June 6, 2011

To a spectacular summer with new members Trudy Watt and Zack Morrison.


June 6, 11

Eden, also known as Primitives, has been published in Log 22. Thank you Michael Meredith

Novermber 11, 2011

 How Cool Is Your Stool?


May 10, 2011

Thank you to Paul Preissner for the invitation to How Chicago Are You.


 April 25, 2011

 Ducks Win. Thank you for being on this review - Andrew Kovacs, James Tate, Ania Jaworska and Thomas Kelley.


April 9, 2011

 The super secret event, Chicago Tapes II, happened at the Graham Foundation. Jimenez Lai was at the round table discussion, graced by the presence of Stanley Tigerman, Niel Denari, Ben Nicholson, Sam Jacob, Andy Zago, Mark Linder, Paul Preissner, Alex Lehnerer and the rest of the presenters for this amazing moment. Thank you to Bob Somol for organizing this event and the invitation.


March 31, 2011

The Graham Foundation has awarded Jimenez Lai with a grant towards the project Citizens of No Place. Slated to be published in 2012, we are also happy to announce that this project will be printed by Princeton Architectural Press.


March 11, 2011

White Elephant (privately soft) opened at Land of Tomorrow in Louisville, KY.


February 26 ,2011

 Jimenez Lai presented at the Manifesto Series at The Storefront for Art and Architecture, thanks to Lydia Kalipoliti and Eva Franch.


February 3, 2011

 Citizens of No Place under spotlights with Archi-Zine!


Feburary 1, 2011

Push it was published by the December issue of the Argentinian architectural journal NOTAS CPAU.


January 20, 2011

Candide - Journal for Architectural Knowledge NO. 03 published On Types of Seductive Robustness by Jimenez Lai. A big thank you to Susanne Schindler.


December 13, 2010

Review season coming to an end. The Bureau were on non-stop reviews, including the maiden voyages of Cyrus Penarroyo and Andrew Akins.


December 08, 2010

The Graduate Studio Two Buildings in The Future taught by Jeffrey Kipnis and Jimenez Lai comes to an end. Thank you to the demimondes. We were honoured by the presence of Andy Zago, Jose Oubrerie, Hernan Diaz Alonzo, Florencia Pita and Greg Lynn.


November 13, 2010

Bureau Spectacular is in Kentucky engaging full on construction.


November 10, 2010

ArchDailyTreehuggerDesignboomSpaceInvading and among others - The Briefcase House is all over the interwebs faster than the speed of light.



November 5, 2010

The Briefcase House, along with the story Obsession Accelerator, were showcased by our friends at archinect. (thank you Paul Petrunia)


November 5, 2010

Envisioning Organization conference in Ohio State University, organized by Karen Lewis, featured Jimenez Lai, session moderated by John McMorrough.


November 4, 2010

Cyrus Penarroyo won Juror's Citation and Thomas Kelley was a finalist in the 36th Annual Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition.


November 1, 2010

construction begins


October 29, 2010

Phalanstery Module was published in Staging Space: Scenic Interior and Spatial Experiences, a Gestalten Publication.


October 16, 2010

 Jimenez Lai participatedin the Alternative Press Expo with Gwenaëlle Gobé by Comic Con in San Francisco!


October 13, 2010

Jimenez Lai traveled to Lisbon, PT to participate in Once Upon a Place: The First International Conference on Architecture and Fiction. Thanks to Susana Oliveira and Pedro Gadanho. It was an amazing time.


October 8, 2010

Jimenez Lai presented Point Clouds at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. at the INPUT_OUTPUT conference.


October 1, 2010

Don't Want No Retro Spective opened at Bureau Spectacular, featuring:Golden Bullets, Briefcase House and new paintings by Jimenez Lai. Also Thomas Kelley's +SIZE.


 September 9, 2010

 The new Argentinean magazine PLOT published The Future Archaeologist by Jimenez Lai (it's super fancy, thanks Florencia Rodriguez)


September 24, 2010

Obstruction / A New Healthy Body was published in Pidgin issue #9, thanks to Enrique Ramirez.


September 6, 2010

Politics of Quality: Plan v Section was published in Conditions Magazine Issue #5/6


July 31, 2010

Jimenez Lai joined Thom Moran at National Chung Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan and saw the projects from the summer workshop ran by Thom Moran, Rosalyne Shieh, Brian McGrath and the fine faculty from NCKU and Chu Hai College from Hong Kong. (nice to see you too Lisa)


July 1, 2010

Jimenez Lai has been accepted to deliver a presentation at Once Upon a Place: The First International Conference on Architecture and Fiction, Oct 12-14 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal.


July 1, 2010

The Future Archaeologist published in Beyond Magazine issue 03, edited by Pedro Gadanho.


June 9, 2010

Citizens of No Place was included in De Zines exhibition in Madrid, ES.


June 7, 2010

Bureau Spectacular rebooted.


June 2, 2010

Jimenez Lai delivered a presentation at Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, NL, introduced by Santiago del Hierro.


May 12, 2010

Jimenez Lai was on the thesis review at Cooper Union in New York, NY.


 May 7, 2010

Cyrus Penarroyo wins the best undergraduate project award at the Year End Show in UIC.


April 30, 2010

Thank you Bob Somol, Bob McAnulty, Andrew Kovacs, Thomas Kelley, Kyle Reynolds, Jimmy Lowder, Brian Tabolt, Stewart Hicks and Kyle Miller for being a part of our final review for the option studio Elephant in the Room at UIC.


April 28, 2010

We were interviewed by grit-tv in New York, NY.


April 17,2010

Jimenez Lai was on the final reviews at University of Kentucky for Kyle Miller.


April 12, 2010

Jimenez Lai guest lectured on representation at Michael Meredith's studio at the GSD.


April 10, 2010

Jimenez Lai exhibited a solo show at superfront in New York, NY.


April 9, 2010

Jimenez Lai joins Mimi Zeiger for the panel discussion A Few Zines in Chicago.


April 7, 2010

The exhibition, Specatcular Fantasy opened at UIC.


March 26, 2010

Jimenez Lai delivered a presentation at TU Delft in Delft, NL, introduced by Lara Schrijver.


March 5, 2010

Thank you to JDS Architects for making us part of their newswire.


March 5, 2010

 Bureau Specatcular participated in a group exhibition with X-Atelier at Land of Tomorrow in Lexington, Kentucky.


March 2, 2010

Too much profanity was used by Jimenez at Pecha Kucha Chicago13


February 13, 2010

Jimenez Lai delivered a presentation at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, DK.


February 12, 2010

The Laundry Man (a.k.a. Drifting Cities of a Past) was published by Conditions Magazine, party in Copenhagen, DK.


January 15, 2010

We were covered by Julia Ingalls from FORTH Magazine.


December 27, 2009

Jimenez Lai was on reviews in Taipei, Taiwan at Tamkang University for Jr-Gang Chi.


December 27, 2009

Jimenez Lai was on reviews in Ann Arbor, MI at U of Michigan for Thom Moran, with James Tate and Rustam Mehta.


December 4, 2009

 Point Cloiuds was published in MAS CONTEXT: Living, a thank you to Iker Gil


November 5, 2009

Jimenez Lai participated in the conference Constructing Knowledge at the RWTH in Aachen, Germany.


October 29, 2009

Jimenez Lai went to Tokyo to present the City of Urban Robotz, it was a pleasure to meet Toyo Ito and Kengo Kuma.


October 17, 2009

Jimenez Lai joined Gwenaëlle Gobé in the Alternative Press Expo by Comic Con in San Francisco!


September 16, 2009

Phalanstery Module was published in Interactive Architecture by Michael Fox and Miles Kemp.


September 8, 2009

Winners announced: Central Glass International Design Competition selected 7 projects to advance to round two in a total of 744 entries including City of Urban Robotz. Jimenez Lai will be in Tokyo on October 31 to present to a jury that includes Toyo Ito and Kengo Kuma.


July 29, 2009

 Jimenez Lai travelled to Argentina and gave lectures titled Hypothetical Scenarios and Alternate Conditions in Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires, and Universidad Abierta Intermericana in Rosario, introduced by Juan Rois.


June 29, 2009

Thank you Ruairi Glynn for doing a piece on us at


June 191, 2009

 Thank you to and Mimi Zeiger for making us a part of their newswire.


June 16, 2009

Bureau Spectacular participated in the Guerilla Truck Show in Chicago featuring new work Fluctuating Void. Unfortunately the project was an epic fail, quite miserably.


June 5, 2009

Jimenez Lai gave a presentation for Object Design League (Lisa Smith+Caroline Linder) in Chicago.


April 1, 2009

 Citizens of No Place (draft II) was archived at the New Museum in New York City with the Younger Than Jesus show.


March 7, 2009

Jimenez Lai made new drawings for Out of Water exhibit in Toronto (Aziza Chaouni + Liat Margolis)


 March 1, 2009

Vertical Urbanism was published in 306090: Dimensions. A thank you to Jonathan D. Soloman.


February 16, 2009

Jimenez Lai gave a lecture entitled: Why I Lie about Architecture at Texas A&M, introduced by Gabriel Esquivel.


January 7, 2009

Point Clouds opened at the Extension Gallery in Chicago.


January 6, 2009

Citizens of No Place (draft II) was exhibited at Studio X / C-Lab in New York by Mimi Zeiger's exhibition A Few Zines.


January 1, 2009

Phalanstery Module was published in Wallpaper* Magazine.