Year: 2017

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Team: Joanna Grant

Snuggle is a compromise between a pillow and a pet.

Infinitely versatile as an oversized scarf or inner spoon, a Snuggle is meant to address the need for lumbar support or to offer a shoulder to lean on during a long flight. Snuggle can be an oversized scarf. Snuggle is meant to be twisted, knotted and configured into an assortment of configurations to comfort you.

Snuggle was inspired by our cat, Helvetica, and her variety of different cuddling postures. Stretched out on the cool floor in the hot summer afternoons and snuggled into a warm bun on a cold winter night, Helvetica’s postures reflect her changing needs for comfort. As such, Snuggle adapts to your different desires for support.

Drawing from Japanese hug pillows, Snuggle is something between a cute stuffed animal and an orthopedic pillow.

Snuggle is offered in three colors, but they are all pink. Nestled between the audacity of red and the modesty of white, each pink is a different shade and therefore a different color: blush, bashful, and rosé.