Year: 2016

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

This floating object is a viewing device of the city. Like a kaleidoscope, the cutout windows around this object frames the surrounding urban environment, and reflect back to its interiority.

Visitors are invited to duck into the cutouts from the bottom of the object and view the floating clippings of the city. However, the notion of the self would then become reflected into the infinite depth of the environment nearby, repeating the subject into a visual echo deep into another reality.

Seeing the unseen, in this case, recaptures the city and the self and elevates the importance of the normal by the act of repetition. Repetition can result in emphasis or desensitization. The visual reflection of the self even evokes our relationship with the admiration of the self, as the ancient myth of Narcisse taught us. This project invites the banal into a deep infinity and transports the banal into half-forgotten treasures.