Leader: Jimenez Lai.
Team:Jimenez Lai, Mark Talbot, Kevin Hayes.

Is the designation, living room, essential to our survival in a hunter-gatherer sense of the word? No. What are we then? We are citizens, lesser than our primal sense as primates and humanoids. 

Program, a key strategic approach to architectural design of today, renders the diagram ubiquitous from high architecture to suburban homes. No matter the fine details or newness in form or materiality.

The cave, as the first shelters of the cro-magnons, had no inherent distinctions between programmes. Through intuitive appropriations, separations of spaces were defined over time. If one ingested continuously in the same location, that place gradually becomes the dining room. If one slept continuously in the same destination, that place will be called the bedroom.

We decided to consider our primal instincts. We wanted to exploit opportunities of appropriations instead of a pre-determined set of architectural programs. We have created a pallet of environments, or moods, as intricate and compelling as we can celebrate. Program is up to the inhabitant to decide. Program is the result of a lived time, and an appropriated space. Program, in this sense, is the assumption that no higher power can overturn the identity of an individual. In identity, we believe in the emotionality that can transform the uniformity of the urban landscapes of today.