Cave of Hugs

Salt Lake City, Utah 2018

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Sight and Sound

Cave of Hugs (2018) is a super-furniture we developed for a school for the blind and deaf. How can architecture assist humans who live without sound, without vision, or without sound and vision? A cave that dampens sound, warms the room, brightens environments with colors, and hugs back with soft textures. Because empathy is something architecture can give back. Humans living without sound and vision communicate by touch. We designed a cave of hugs, clad in neoprene over a layer of sofa batting. This texture will be a welcoming source of warmth for people who can neither see or hear. In addition to the tactility of this project, we also worked to consider human’s relationship with the observable wavelengths of the universe. The colors on the spectrum are points along a wavelength, just the way that sound in itself is a collection of wavelengths. For the humans living with no sound, we introduced warm colors. For the humans living with no vision, we introduced closed environments that allows sound to be dampened.