Leader: Jimenez Lai.
Team: Jimenez Lai, Trudy Watt, Andrew Akins, Katherine Ranieri, Zack Morrison.

Plucking, harvesting the stars from their sky

*Different way of shopping for jewelry

The project aims to rethink the the shopping experience of fine jewelry by allowing shoppers to venture into the night sky and select their pieces from the collection sparkling just overhead. The stars, usually so far away, now twinkle nearby: well within reach. Lounging on a soft and comfortable ground, the can pluck a star from the dark and low-hanging heavens and hold it in your hands. The cool weight of the selection is a pleasant surprise in addition to the bold and sparkling beauty of its colorful facets which glint this way and that against the rolling black above. Enveloped in a quiet happiness, one might think twice about delivering this gem back to its celestial home.