Leader: Jimenez Lai
Team: Jimenez Lai, Trudy Watt, Andrew Akins, Katherine Ranieri, Zack Morrison

"Nobody's gonna hurt anybody. We're gonna be like three Fonzies. 
And what's Fonzie like? He's cool?
Correct-amundo! And that's what we're gonna be, we're gonna be cool." 

A collection of little misfits manifest spatially as a collection of junk spaces that all hang out together, despite their differences. Together, they form a whole character that is greater than the sum of the subordinate parts.

A collection of friends who all have different interests. This is a collection of spaces, all filled with a unique kinds of junk. These spaces become characters (i.e. Fonzies) that both maintain their individual personalities and contribute to the whole, which is a striking figure capable of not only containing its constituent parts but also dominating the space of the interior as a whole.

The combination of the parts that conjoins to form a greater and more powerful whole.