Downtown Los Angeles, 2016

Frankie is the first retail design project for Bureau Spectacular. Designed by lead architect, Jimenez Lai, the innovative store interior has been outfitted with one of the firm’s iconic Super-Furnitures, a structure too small to be a building but too large to simply be a piece of furniture. The nine-piece, 28-foot-long modular staircase when assembled accommodates activities such as seating, a fashion runway or a performance stage. When disassembled, each one of the nine modules is designed to meet the needs of retail functionality, from product display to fitting rooms to storage and transactions. Bureau Spectacular also designed the exterior graphic on the building's historic facade. 

The vision behind the store's design takes inspiration from Lai's 2010 project, Briefcase House -- a house within a house located inside a 1400 square foot Chicago warehouse loft. It also references Speechbuster / 99 Chairs, a sculpture that operates as both furniture object and performative space.