Leader: Jimenez Lai.
Team: Andrew Akins, John Donoghue, Frank Gossage, Senaid Salcin, Matthew Schneider, Matthew Messner.
Renderings Courtesy of: Thomas Kelley.
Kickstarter Music Courtesy of: Krusht. 

The House is a cartoonish architectural installation that extends its story into the realm of performance art. Citing two predecessors of performance artists, Joseph Beuys, and Hugh Hefner, this project also asks - who is the real extrovert between the two? Hefner may be the obvious answer, but Beuys relocated himself out of his tontext to a stage-like environment whereas Hefner simply stayed in his mansion

This installation is a Super Furniture. It is a building that is slightly too small, and furniture that is kind of too big. Two of the past projects that are part of the Super-Furniture Series include the Briefcase House and White Elephant (Privately Soft). The previous iterations of this series have been widely covered, published and discussed, including BLDGBLOG, ArchDaily, Archinect, Evolo, Architizer, etc. In addition, the transformation of the practice from comics to installation can be witnessed in a very early coverage by Architect in 2006.