Phalanstery Module + Spaceship Stories
2008, Los Angeles, CA
Team: Jimenez Lai, Nick Blake, Jenna Didier, Oliver Hess, Peri Shefik, Stephany Stamatis, Arianna Lapenne, Blair Ellis, Linda Wei, Mishal Hashimi, Lily Sparks, Brian Janezcko, Paul Adam, Deus Xavier Scott, Nan Wolman, Eddy Sykes, Joanne Bloomfield, Dan Gottlieb, Kaveh Arbab, Libby McInerny, Linda Graveline, Samantha Gottlieb, Emmanuel Gonzalez, Elizabeth Anderson, Kellene Kaas, Josh Avina, S. Bennett, Daniel Stehr, Tulay Atak, Janine Sanchez, Lance Wilson, Alberto Miyares, Coco Conn

Special Thanks: Lukasz Kos.
For: Materials & Applications
This installation grows from the hypothesis that in zero-gravity, one can rotate in architecture and treat all surfaces as plans - i.e., walls, ceilings, and floors. Without gravity, all surfaces can be occupied. The distinctions between orthographic drawings become obsolete. To this end, the installation is a structure rotating once an hour - at the same rate as a clock. Every 15 minutes, one of the surfaces becomes parallel to the ground. In the middle of every 7.5-minute conversation, two people are bound to collide. Architectural program and activities become overpowered by the instinctive interpretations of our bodies against measurable dimensions. This installation is derived from a comic story written and illustrated by Jimenez about a group of citizens riding a Noah's Ark Spaceship to a new planet far away.
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