Leader: Jimenez Lai
Team: Paula Palombo, Eric Schall, Kamil Krol, Meghan Funk, David Ruffing, Catherine Witt, Jacquelin Fitzagerald, Joon Chung, Josh Lowrance, Kaveh Arbab, Nick Stoever, Andrew Kovacs, Brandon Horn, Maurizio Bianchi, Connie Lin, and Chris Bartek.

Point Clouds: behavior is a pattern.

This project engages in parametricism with a human-scale parametric model. It uses a set of standard modules to compose a web-system. The 360° rotary joints enable a kind of softness that allows this installation to be performative. When force is applied to one connection point, the overall structure responds and flexes the web into a new pattern. As the project undergo further geometrical transformations, this piece becomes experiential and interactive. Visitors can converse with the impermanence of its form, and a reflection of their activities in the patterns. Affordances, as defined by psychologist James J. Gibson, embody all action possibilities latent in the environment, objectively measurable and independent of the individual's ability to recognize them. Dimensions, in this case, can be interpreted in the many ways our bodies instinctively lean, sit, grab, skip or pull. Any storyline of the above appropriations will have a physical morphology in the diagram. Self-illuminating pigments are applied to the control points to highlight its topology at night. This project celebrates the limits of the body as abstractions of architectural programs and their relationships to the formal resolutions.