Leader: Jimenez Lai.
Team: Jimenez Lai, Cyrus Penarroyo.

The innovative value of this design can be attributed to the six-sidedness of the project. The strategic cutouts of this 100cm3 cube are calibrated to compact a chair, dining-chair, stool, recliner, step-seats and bench into one volume. Each flip of the project produces a new character and a new image. Its versatility as well as the aesthetic quality of its mass makes this chair a valuable investment.

The fabrication of this piece is a set of staight-forward, cabinetry construction joints. The plywood pieces are tectonically detailed with mostly the same miter angles lending itself easily to mass production. The multi-faceted nature of this furntiture can fulfill the function of six different chairs and provide surfaces for placing items such as books and cups. It is highly possible to develop its sensibility into the sofa/love-seat category with a softer material. The desireable ambiences for this chair include high-end domestic settings as well as fine dining restaurants. isure.