Tatami Modular Housing

Los Angeles & Tokyo, California 2018

Program: Housing

In Partnership with Untitled Group

Status: In Progress

Team: Jimenez Lai, Joanna Grant, Miaojie Zhang, Tien Chan, Mark Kamish, Veronica Smith, Georgia Pogas, Tanvi Rao, Kyoung Park.

Modular Housing

Housing is a basic human need, but it is also the backdrop upon which human memories are staged. It is a place where people spend time - either together, or alone.The full duration of a human’s lifespan is filled with uncertainty and unpredictability. Scanning the lifespan of a typical human over the course of 80 years, even the body undergoes many stages of lifestyles in both needs and wants.

The Tatami modular system is not just a choice of arrangements or sensibility - but it is also a flexible system that allows for a wide range of lifestyles to take place.