Organizer: Jimenez Lai
Team: Jesse Hammer, Matthew Messner, Julia DiCastri, Jacob Comerci
Participants: Bureau Spectacular, Norman Kelley, SPEEDISM, Andrew Kovacs, First Office, Design w/ Company, SOFTlab, Bittertang, CAMES/Gibson, Young & Ayata, FAKE Industries, Point Supreme, Alex Maymind, and is-office
Graphic Design: Pentagram
Photography: Diana Koenigsberg
LA Opening: Sarah Lorenzen, VDL House, CalPoly Pomona students,
Special Thanks: Sarah Herda, Natasha Jen, Ellen Alderman, Mia Khimm & Pat Elifritz

Treatise presents a collection of individually authored books by fourteen emerging design offices that considers the architectural treatise as a site for theoretical inquiry, experimentation, and debate. Organized by Los Angeles-based designer Jimenez Lai and the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, this publication project and accompanying exhibition provide a dynamic space for these uncompromising designers to re-write the boundaries of conceptual architecture.